Bob Bilbruck Bio

Bob Bilbruck, Managing Director, Mobiletain and B2Group Bob Bilbruck is Managing Director of Mobiletain and B2 Group. B2 Group is a consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to corporations in the mobile and gaming verticals. He consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to problems and assists with business strategies within these market places. Bilbruck is also the founder of Mobiletain, a mobile marketing firm based in Irvine, CA that focuses on helping companies institute womb to tomb strategies involving mobile marketing, social media, and SEO strategies. Mobiletain is also equipped with a technical platform that also assists in the delivery of these campaigns for their clients. Bilbruck stays active in industry initiatives within mobile and gaming; he is seen as an expert in the realm of On Device Portals, Internet Based Business, MMO Gaming, and Mobile Marketing among other mobile and internet areas. Bilbruck is part of the mobile council at GLG and founded the On Device Portal Consortium, a group of companies from media, retail, brands, aggregation, mobile application development, ECT. that are guiding the standards and practices of ODP development. Prior to founding Mobiletain and B2 Group, Bilbruck held sales, marketing, and business development positions at Samsung, Konica Minolta and He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Washington State University.


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